Parks & Rec: Keep Water Clean and Beautiful

  • January 21, 2014

At most parks across the country, managers deal with water quality problems in their water impoundments.

Air-O-Lator receives numerous calls regarding these issues and regardless of the situation, increasing oxygen levels and mixing are two of the most important factors needed to improve water quality.

Every body of water is within itself a living ecosystem and just like humans, they have their own special characteristics. However, they all have things in common that are needed for survival. One of those requirements is adequate oxygen levels and mixing.

There are many mechanical methods that increase oxygen levels and mix. Most methods can be categorized as either diffusion (injecting air/oxygen into the water) or surface aeration (pumping water into the air). A third method is aspirating, which falls into both categories.

Air-O-Lator manufactures a floating aspirating mixer that produces a high volume of horizontal flow of water through a Venturi Nozzle which draws air from the atmosphere and mixes it with the water beneath the surface. This method provides surface turbulence, mixing, and aeration.

Frequently Asked Question: “Which aerating method should I choose?”

Meet with a water quality specialist at the Missouri Parks & Recreation Association Expo to discuss how Air-O-Lator’s product line can help you conserve water and create a healthy ecosystem in your park.

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