Getting a Jump Start on Spring

  • February 19, 2018

Time to start thinking about Spring Tune-Ups!

I know it’s hard to believe, but spring is only a month away. For some of us around the country, we have enjoyed a few spring-like days already. Over the next few weeks as the temperatures rise and the daylight hours increase we will start to see changes outside. Trees and flowers bud, ponds will thaw, and our yards will turn from brown to green.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make at this time of year is neglecting your aeration maintenance or not installing your aeration system early enough in the spring. As water temperatures begin to rise, cold-blooded organisms that have been dormant will become more active. As these organism’s activity increases, their demand for oxygen also increases. Oxygen is essential for all aerobic organisms. Once the ice is gone, due to warming temperatures and more sunshine, our ponds and lakes are susceptible to an algae bloom. During the winter, the aerobic microorganisms that break down organic nutrients have slowed down and with warming water and sunshine those nutrients can quickly lead to an early spring algae bloom. It is essential to properly mix and aerate at this time to allow bacteria to process organics and nutrients to slow algae growth and get a jump start on maintaining your pond or lake.

If you have an Air-O-Lator aeration system or fountain that you have stored for the winter, it’s time to get it out, clean it up and perform your spring tune-up. Contact us for your tune-up kit. If you do not have an aeration system and you want to improve the water quality in your pond or lake, our Air-O-Lator experts can help you select the proper sizing and an aeration system for your application.

Pro tip: Convert your De-Icer

Don’t just store your “Ice-Away” De-Icer until next winter. If you have an Air-O-Lator “Ice-Away” De-Icer you can convert this unit into a floating surface aerator by simply purchasing a float and support tube. You can also leave it submerged to keep floating debris from collecting around your dock or marina.