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Classic DW™ Solar Pond Aerators

Not everyone wants to run power to their pond or lake, especially if the cost is prohibitive.  There are also some people that want to use green energy instead of paying the power companies every month.  Solar-powered pond aeration is a great alternative, and because of our high output compressors, we can produce as much air or even more air each day than alternative systems on the market. No matter how deep your pond is, we have a solar aerator for you.

The key to using solar aeration for large or deep ponds is proper equipment. Our solar pond aeration systems can aerate even the deepest ponds to make sure your pond ecosystem is healthy and functional. Our solar pond aeration systems are the gold-standard in the industry, known for long life and ease-of-use. Our compressors are designed for high output in high-pressure situations, like very deep ponds. With the right configuration of solar panels and our Quantum Compressors, we ensure your pond has all the air it needs. These are direct drive systems and will only run during sunlight hours; however, we use a variable speed controller to get partial operation in lower light conditions.

Why Go Solar? - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products
Save Money with a Solar Pond Aeration System

Why Go Solar?

Sometimes running electricity is impractical, and your landscape does not allow for windmill aeration. In those cases, solar aeration is the best option! Your pond needs aeration to provide a healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants, and solar aeration is the key. It is environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and practical. Because solar does not require running electricity, you don’t have to worry about an increase in your electric bill or having your property torn up to install power lines. Some landscapes just are not conducive to windmill aeration, but with solar aeration, you can put the sun to work for your pond.

Best solar pond aerator in the industry!

Classic DW™ Solar Pond Aerators - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products
Designed To Aerate Ponds And Lakes

Classic DW™ Solar Pond Aerators

Classic DW Solar Aerators are designed to aerate ponds and lakes where you want dependable performance for deeper or larger bodies of water.  This system is built with the best components available and uses high pressure, high output compressors to move lots of air to where you need it most.  This is a direct drive system that operates during moderately cloudy days giving you more run time than other battery free systems with total daily CFM that far exceeds all other solar aerators on the market.