We’ll forever remember 2020 as the summer that we spent even more time outside fishing, exploring, and enjoying nature just to get out of the house. For some of our customers, this meant making sure that their grounds, especially their ponds, were equipped to handle increased fishing for visitors. 

Clean and clear water is the obvious secret to a healthy ecosystem for fish and aquatic life. But many options, like chemicals, can be toxic to the environment. An aerator is a more natural approach to introducing aeration into your pond, and the right aerator can sustainably clean the area of a lake without adding harmful chemicals. 

Aerators not only help to keep the water clean, but they aid in sustainable water management. Take, for example, a customer of ours for the last 30 years, Mike Mnich. Mike lives with his wife in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He has a pond on his land that’s about ¾ of an acre wide and 12-feet deep, in which he raises carp—which had grown to be about 52 pounds over 12 years. But when the aerator broke, the moss and duckweed built up and began to suffocate the fish. After talking to Mike, Roy determined it would be best for Mike to purchase a new Aquarian Professional Aerator without the float. Air-O-Lator CEO Roy Watkins drove out to Oklahoma to meet Mike and help him install a new aerator. It quickly cleared the pond, broke down algae, and helped fish to breathe again. 

About the Aquarian Aerator 

Fish need a healthy ecosystem to feed on, and water needs the fish to keep it moving and aerating. But sometimes, without help, the fish can’t keep up with the algae and duckweed. Aerators aid in the natural process of aeration. 

The Aquarian Aquaculture is specifically designed to increase oxygen levels in aquatic applications. The aquarian aerator is essential for keeping the water healthy by regulating oxygen for fish. Paying close attention to water quality increases fish output and overall aquaculture operation improvement and efficiency.

The unit comes standard with the Franklin Electric Submersible motor available in 1/2 to 1 horsepower. The high-velocity Aquarian propeller pumps an immense column of water through the device, circularly creating constant aeration and re-aeration. When the column of water strikes the diffuser, a shearing effect occurs, breaking the column into micro-droplets and exposing more water surface area to the atmosphere. A continuous turnover prevents stratification to depths of up to 12 feet.

Determining Your Pond & Aeration Ratio 

Suppose you’re unsure of how much aeration you need, as a general rule. In that case, approximately one horsepower per surface area is sufficient, depending on the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) for a lake or pond.