Air-O-Lator’s aspirators are ideal for aeration, mixing, and de-icing. 

The Enterprise is part of our Aspirators line. Aspirators are used to provide horizontal directional flow, aeration, and mixing. They are fantastic energy and cost-efficient solutions for mixing and help to increase flow and oxygen levels and improve water quality in any water application. This also makes them perfect for de-icing shallow water areas. 

The Enterprise and the Enterprise II are both designed with a submersible motor. With the submersible motors, the entire operating unit is below the water surface eliminating long shafts, deflection bushings, and bearings, and is designed to operate in sub-zero temperatures eliminating the need for costly heating elements or covers. The Enterprise and Enterprise II are intended to be either mast mounted for tanks or floating for lagoons.

Their easy adaptability, small and portable features, and multiple uses make Enterprise units an ideal solution for any season. Plus, the Enterprise is also available as a solar-powered option using a unique Franklin Electric Motor and DC to AC converter.


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